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what we do

Gurucl.com emerged with the aim of providing easily accessible tutoring support to a larger spectrum of learner groups and thus to making the earth a learner centric planet.

why do we do

Simply because each learner’s individual learning needs are different and the need for personal attention to each and every learner is growing day on day.
On the other-hand an average student of present era is facing a huge attention deficit while exercising his/her study practice. Is texting, chatting, eating, watching TV and surfing internet with an open book nearby fulfils one’s learning needs
It is good to see loads of information and billions of web- pages with tera bytes of education resources over the internet and a lot of that for free! Needless to say most of it is redundant and it is much easier for an enthusiastic learner to slip and lost in that abundance. There may be a few who are capable of learning by their own but many of the lot needs external support. From a ‘Guru!’
At gurucl.com, a Guru can be a Coach, Counsellor, Guide, Mentor, Home work helper, Teacher, Trainer, Tutor, Philosopher, Senior Student or a working professional and so on..!
Gurucl.com comes with a handy solution to keep many of the students and/or their parents, tutors and other learner groups stay away from their worries!

how we do

Gurucl.com is the first tutoring website in the world that is fully integrated and follows 360 degree learner centric approach. It has endless and intelligent features that WOWs you.
It helps students to find tutors as per their personal education needs while tutors find tuition assignments suitable to their skills. The site provides an easily accessible platform for both teachers and learners to interact while safe guarding the interest of both tutor’s time and student/parent’s money.

who we are

Gurucl.com is the first product of Particiful Innovations Pvt Ltd a start-up company founded by Mr. Srihari Cherukuri. He is an engineering graduate who stepped into paper manufacturing soon after his graduation. Later started a recruitment company based at Hyderabad, India.

how it began

The very concept of fully integrated tutoring portal along with online tutoring platform hit Mr. Hari’s mind almost 6-7 years ago. And as a recruiter it was not easy to focus on something else, particularly when the economies are not doing great!
But then the bug didn’t stop growing. Apart from his entrepreneurial instinct, a personal guilt within for sending his elder son to a residential school just because he couldn’t find an appropriate tutor for his child five years ago kept him focus on the project more seriously and with a feel of urgency for the same .
The journey wasn’t easy to make the parents life easier! He became a learner first. Joined a post graduate psychology course to counter check his perceived knowledge. Became a tutor for a while to understand their concerns. Provided private tutoring (offline) services to analyse the whole picture. Restlessly worked on technology, learning practices and solutions to make safe yet flexible and learner centric tutoring portal.
Finally landed up with gurucl.com!