Tutoring private lessons for school success

Tutoring private lessons for school success:
Our partners include the International Baccalaureate and NIOS. Together we have the desire to offer a new and effective form of tuition. We enable sustainable tutoring for students and work with students and parents on a long-term improvement of learning success. We offer good tutoring for elementary school students and tuition for children, pupils and students of higher grades. No matter which tray is used for tuition wanted home tutor or you need a vacation – we find the tutor or the tutor according to your wishes, whether math, English or another subject in school and beyond !
Additional details about GURUCL.Com:
Tutoring, private lessons and home tuitions are on the spot nationwide?
The tutoring takes place exclusively in the form of One-One. This offers the advantage of individual attention tailored to your personal needs and ensure the best possible support. The private home tutoring via GURUCL.Com is also not only more effective but also demonstrably cheaper than conventional group lessons. Coupled with regular Progress Reports, free educational and support measures accompanying lessons on the platform, we do everything to ensure your optimal success.

Tested and Motivated GURUCL.Com for top students

digital_echalk_overviewTested and motivated tutors provide tuition for top students nationwide

About GURUCL.Com you can specifically find tutors or teachers on site according to your ideas. If your criteria are recorded in the system, we will provide for you on suitable tutor. The pedagogical competence of the tutor is always assured. This selects GURUCL.Com by evidence about the academic and educational background carefully. The tutors them selves enjoy the benefit of quickness and ease to attract new students for the subjects or topics they teach. They also have the opportunity to plan the tutoring and flexibly set their hourly fees itself. Our innovative concept is well known for an excellent service for tuition at home – that makes learning fun!

Benefit from many advantages:

  • Find tutoring students Instruction set prices themselves.
  • Flexible timetables and tutoring design
  • Simple planning and processing via online platform
  • Questions? +91 40 64 560561 (shall give a toll free)

GURUCL.Com-learning concept

In recent years, many students have mastered the path to success in learning and successfully overcome the challenges of the school day. This is due to the effective GURUCL.Com-tutoring concept and the commitment of our tutor and support team together.

Your Benefits with GURUCL.Com
Tutoring at GURUCL.Com is very effective and attractive not only for our students but also provides many great advantages to our tutors. As a result, we are able to expand the number of our dedicated tutors steadily and successfully and to work together in the long term. Personal selection of educational provision and choice of the tariff level Flexible appointment.

  • Best lesson preparation through detailed documentation of student’s profile.
  • Independent instructional design.
  • Easy to use online appointment scheduling.
  • Simple documentation of learning progress of the student.
  • Convenient tuition fees-billing through online reporting.
  • Telephone support for all questions and concerns

Permanent success monitoring

At any time to allow parents and students a good overview of the achieved progress in learning, each tutoring session is completed by a detailed study progress report.
Here the tutor assesses the achievement of the learning objectives that were previously worked together in the scientific approach to learning. In addition, a substantial documentation of the tutoring session with topics discussed lessons and tasks take place
On the other hand, parents have to find out personally the current status of their children’s learning ability of each tutoring session. GURUCL.Com offers the progress reports of the learning progress with a transparent overview for parents to inquire in detail about the learning behavior of the student. As a parent you always feel well informed by the success of control.Periodically, there will be a comprehensive evaluation of learning progress by phone depending on individual request. To this end the learning coach requested from the tutor to assess the student on all private lessons until then taken place. In addition, the tutor and the student tells the learning coach with the previously achieved milestones. In addition, the regularly scheduled interim analyzes and provide space for parents and students to provide feedback to GURUCL.Com.
The achievement of milestones creates self-confidence, improves motivation and contributes to a positive learning experience for the students.